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What we measure
Comparison between working from office vs. remotly.
 - Deep, intrinsic work motivation
 - Personal instances affecting work
 - Burnout potential.
 - Monitoring of motivation of remote workers                  (prevention of burn-out and exclusion)
 - Recruiting of high qualified personnel supposedly      working remotely or in satellite offices. Also used      for recruiting part-time workers and interns .


What we measure
Interest and willingness to go through training on: 
 - Work planning 
 - Prioritization 
 - Time management
 - Company goals.
 - Planning of training programmes and sessions
 - Mapping of individuals' competence and work            interests (potential transfer to new positions)
 - Development of specific KPIs to remote working.

Work loads

What we measure
Work loads and leverage to increase individual's efficiency on the basis of: 
 - Overtime
 - Objectives
 - Training needs.
 - Proportioning of resources (manpower, buildings,      etc.)
 - Reduction of overtime
 - Planning of specific interventions (training,                  support, etc.)
 - Evaluation of management efficiency and                    efficacy.

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