The team                                               


Laura Alessandrini: graduated in Physics in Padua. MBA at INSEAD and after 5 year in BCG, moves to Kenya where she starts a tour company on the basis of a new concept.
Back to Italy for security reasons, Laura focuses on consulting on strategy, HR and marketing for SMEs. Laura is extremely creative, self reliant, hard working and very very curious, with a mind that reminds "Mary Poppin's" bag. 


Duccio Alberti: senoir consultant
with a 30+ year experience in management and consulting.
An expert in HR, strategy, career advisory and company processes analysis. Duccio is a professor at Bocconi SDA. He has got an incredible experience and curiosity for people. He is our "Doc" of Back to the Future.


Romina Marcosichi: graduated in Marketing in Buenos Aires, in Argentina, moves to Italy in 2002. Romina supports small and medium companies in their planning, project management and back-office activities.
Romina work with extreme efficiency, enthusiasm  and is a highly sought after professional. Our "Mr(s). Wolf" of critical, administrative situations.


Silvia Negrotti: after her degree in Psychology, Silvia started working in market research, qualitative analysis and training. She has been working for more than 20 years as a consultant both in Italy and Finland, which is her second home, and in the rest of Europe.  Silvia is currently working from Milano. She strongly believe in change, always possible no matter the age. This is the reason why Silvia became a Feuerstein cognitive therapist, using its approach in all her counselling.  She loves to work in  multi-disciplinary teams and analyse matters from all points of view, because she is extremely curious: Our "Miss Marple".


 Lorenzo Rizzini: Management engineer worked 5 years in Europe as executive for a multinational, before moving to Kenya where he started consulting on  ICT, organisation and process streamlining for SMEs for 25 years. Lorenzo has an incredible experience in training in a multicultural environment. He is also a team builder and takes his groups in very remote areas of the planet. Lorenzo has a solution for every challenge. He adores people with a sense of humor: he is our "Mr.Q"  of James Bond.

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